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Gaming Laptop


If you don’t have much to spend on a gaming PC then a gaming laptop can be a better alternative. But, you will have to spend more money to get better performance. However, if you buy a gaming laptop not only for the game but graphic work then this processor will help much because of its speed. Example: rendering work, 4K video display.   

Are gaming laptops worth it 2020?

When you are looking for a laptop that you can take with and game on the way, as well then buying a good gaming laptop would be recommended. Obviously, the more you spend, the better the performance. However, you need to spend a little more in comparison with the general-purpose laptop. It may worth at least $1,000 to put your step through the door.  


acer nitro 5
Acer Nitro 5

Best gaming laptop for 2020

What about Battery Life?

However, a gaming laptop having something with a decent and better processor and graphics chip inbuilt. As because of powerful hardware it requires more battery power to operate perfectly. It has also a better cooling arrangement that consume also a little more power.

It depends upon how much you are actually using your laptop for gaming purposes. Playing games on the battery is not a good idea and generally, manufacturers are not recommended. If I explain it in Layman’s way a battery has always a decade battery power but AC power is not the case. It is advisable to take a battery charger along with you if you go out with the laptop.

What will be the suggestion for boosting battery life?

Optimus does a good job of increasing battery life in all gaming laptops. Most of the laptops
having this feature by default. Whenever you will use the laptop for gaming
purposes the discrete GPU (NVidia/Radeon) will start working and take over the
workload of the processor. As a result of that, if you are using a laptop for
general purposes like browsing or typing document, battery life will last



A Laptop having also an integrated graphics which are less powerful and
draw less power. 
Switching from a low power integrated graphics processor to a high-performance NVidia graphics chip is a very fast and requirement basis. Power management does this job. That means while working on simply typing documents to high-performance gaming software the workload of the processor will manage automatically.


Optimum Solution

The Optimum solution is present in every gaming laptop. Battery
life will depend upon the size of the battery. As per our experience, many
mid-range gaming laptops can achieve 5-6 hours of everyday work for normal use
but for gaming, it can struggle less than 3 hours. Our advice is when your
laptop running out 80% of battery you should swap in

Do Gaming laptops last long?

Interesting question, in the end, if you buy a gaming laptop and take care in a proper way, you can expect at least 5 years and more. Physically it can last 10 years or more but in between the technology will change and your laptop will become obsolete. It doesn’t any matter if you buy a high-end expensive laptop also. I am using a laptop which is 8 years old but for general purposes. It is working a little slow but fantastic.

How much GB is good for a gaming laptop?

In general, a good gaming laptop should have 16 Gb RAM. More is not expected for increasing the performance of the PC. Rather 8 Gb RAM is also ok but less than that. There are also different brands of RAM available in the market. Note that each of the brands having different performance levels.   

Maximum Sale Gaming Laptops List

Why are gaming laptops so heavy?.

Gaming laptop is generally heavier than general purpose laptop. As because it has larger PSU (fans) and fairly big CPU and graphics card also. The laptop-case of this type is also heavy and strong.  It has also 1Tb hard disk which is also much heavier than SSD memory.  You may notice also Adopter which is also bigger (180 Watt) power. 

What’s the difference between Integrated GPU & Dedicated GPU

Integrated means CPU and GPU both are integrated into one processor in miniature form. So the performance of the integrated processor is definitely limited. On the other hand, you can’t place the CPU and GPU to gather in one processor without limiting their potential power of the processor. However, a dedicated graphics card has its own PCB (Printed Circuit Board), memory (VRAM), and cooling arrangement. When that sort of application comes to the processor, it automatically transfers to GPU and helps to free up resources for your CPU to use.